Special Needs

KidSnips’ stylists cater to kids with special needs.  We’re here to help make their experience at any of our eight salons as memorable as possible.

A few tips and resources for you to know:

  • We’ll explain to your child exactly what our stylist is planning to do during their haircut in order to make them as relaxed as possible.
  • Feel free to bring any special items that your child would find comforting to hold, or offer something as a reward for after the haircut.
  • Sensory issues will be handled with great care, often foregoing clipper and trimmers for scissors only or vice versa.
  • We will spray our hands or combs with water to avoid spraying directly on the child’s hair if its uncomfortable for them to feel it spray.
  • Think of a few activities, toys or food that your child would enjoy as a special bonus or reward after their haircut.
  • All of our locations are wheelchair friendly.
  • Autism Speaks is a fantastic resource for information on autism. Autism Speaks has a special section with tips and videos about getting a successful haircut. You can access their site at: http://www.autismspeaks.org/family-services/tool-kits/tips-successful-haircuts

It often helps to show your child what they might experience upon getting their hair cut. KidSnips suggests giving the visual walk-through below to your child.

  • Today, I am getting my haircut at Kid Snips.
  • When I walk into Kid Snips, there is a lot to see!
  • Once my hair stylist is ready to cut my hair, I will go pick out a movie to watch during my haircut
  • If I need to use the bathroom before my haircut, Kid Snips has a bathroom I can use.
  • If I need to get my hair washed, I will walk over to the sink with my hair stylist. I will sit in the chair. My hair will be nice and clean for my haircut.
  • I can decide it I want to sit in a race car, a truck or in a chair.
  • I will then put on a gown over my clothes. The gown will help keep the hair off of me and my clothes.
  • My hair stylist will then wet my hair with a spray bottle. After wetting my hair with a spray bottle, my hair stylist will gently comb through my hair using a comb.
  • Now that my haircut is done, I can pick out a prize in the treasure chest ...
  • ... and get a balloon for doing a good job!