Fearful Child

Tips For a Positive Haircutting Experience

We want to make your child’s haircut as enjoyable as possible. Please tell us if your child needs any special treatment, we will do whatever it takes to give a great haircut. If your child is scared or anxious don’t worry you have come to the right place. You are in very experienced hands. Our stylists will try to reassure your child and help him/her feel better, and they are accustomed to working with kids who cry or are afraid.


  • Preview a haircut: It may help to stop by on a day other than haircut day and see someone else getting a haircut. This way, your child knows what to expect.
  • Time of day is important: Bring your kid when they are awake, fed and relaxed.
  • Bring your own DVD or Wii game or choose one of ours. We have a huge selection of videos and games.
  • Let your child sit on your lap for the haircut.
  • Use positive encouragement: Avoid negatives such as, “sit still or she’ll cut your ear off.”
  • Take a break: We’d be happy to take a break to let your kid regroup. You can even return another day to finish a haircut at no extra charge.
  • Don’t crowd: Give your kid and the hairstylist adequate room to work.
  • Remind your child they get a free toy from the treasure chest and a balloon after the haircut.

For best results, please bring in a picture of the haircut you’d like.
It often helps to show your child what they might experience upon getting their hair cut. KidSnips suggests giving the visual walk-through below to your child.

  • KidSnips
    Today, I am getting my haircut at Kid Snips.
  • KidSnips
    When I walk into Kid Snips, there is a lot to see!
  • KidSnips
    Once my hair stylist is ready to cut my hair, I will go pick out a movie to watch during my haircut
  • KidSnips
    If I need to use the bathroom before my haircut, Kid Snips has a bathroom I can use.
  • KidSnips
    If I need to get my hair washed, I will walk over to the sink with my hair stylist. I will sit in the chair. My hair will be nice and clean for my haircut.
  • KidSnips
    I can decide it I want to sit in a race car, a truck or in a chair.
  • KidSnips
    I will then put on a gown over my clothes. The gown will help keep the hair off of me and my clothes.
  • KidSnips
    My hair stylist will then wet my hair with a spray bottle. After wetting my hair with a spray bottle, my hair stylist will gently comb through my hair using a comb.
  • KidSnips
    Now that my haircut is done, I can pick out a prize in the treasure chest ...
  • KidSnips
    ... and get a balloon for doing a good job!