First Haircut

Among the many “firsts” of childhood, getting that first haircut is one for the scrapbook. At KidSnips, we take a child’s first haircut just as seriously as you do. We would be honored to be part of this important event.

All of our stylists go through training not only on haircut techniques, but also on how to deal with anxious or special needs children in our bright, fun and welcoming kid-friendly environment. Children and their parents are respected and treated as guests at any one of our store locations.

KidSnips’ staff has a lot of great techniques for that memorable first haircut. We’re not above blowing bubbles or playing with toys to make your child feel comfortable! If your child is scared or anxious don’t worry, you have come to the right place. You are in very experienced hands. Our stylists will try to reassure your child and help him or her feel better, and they are accustomed to working with kids who cry or are afraid.

Here are just few great tips to make that first haircut a success:

  • Talk about getting a haircut ahead of time and make it sound fun and exciting
  • Bring a favorite toy or device
  • Pick the right time of day – between mealtime and naptime is best so your child is not too tired or hungry
  • Let your child see you get a haircut first
  • Don’t over-stimulate the child
  • Have someone with you to take pictures in case your child wants to sit in your lap

To commemorate the occasion, we’ll take a digital photo and present a lock of hair mounted on your own first haircut certificate. Let KidSnips be part of that momentous first haircut.