From dip-dyed hair & colored hair extensions to the latest styles with braiding and cool haircuts, here’s what’s trending now:

2015 Trends

History repeats itself, and so do hair trends. In terms of style, we are seeing an evolution, not revolution when compared to last year’s trends. 2015 has brought a new trend that involves temporary spray color, and we predict it will be especially popular among pre-teens and teenagers.


For boys, we are seeing an increase in the popularity of undercuts. One particular style of undercut is dubbed “two-block cut,” which is popular in Europe and Asia. The sides are almost completely shaven off and the top is left much longer. Slick it back or to the side to look sophisticated and fancy, or spike it for a rebellious, masculine look. As for our younger customers, they continue to ask for mohawks, a trend that carries over from 2014.

For girls, the braiding trend continues to evolve. We are seeing derivatives of the loose side braids inspired by the character Elsa from Frozen. Girls are gravitating towards shapes such as the heart braid and the snake braid. A lot of the girls are asking for their braids to be in certain shapes and patterns, like a heart or a weave. Tight snake or waterfall braids also create a unique look for people wanting to try a style that’s a little different from the Frozen trend. For those who don’t want to braid their hair, asymmetrical bobs make for an easy-to-manage chic hairstyle that screams confidence and independence. On the other hand, long hair with loose curls makes for a soft, voluminous look.


Temporary spray color is becoming more popular with our younger customers. It creates a truly unique look that will make your little ones stand out amongst the crowd. With color spray, you have the ability to change your hair color as frequently as you want!

2014 Trends

The old adage holds true when it comes to trends:  Often times the latest looks aren’t always new.  It seems as if the familiar and popular styles of the last two decades have been reinvented into fresh styles in 2014.

For guys, we are seeing true “undercut” styles.  These styles include quite a bit of deep, clean side parts and tightly faded graduating and super short lengths from their sides down to their necklines.  The tops of these fresh styles are where the looks differ.  Depending on the length left on top, the looks can be dramatically different and cool!

The gals have it going on with looks that incorporate waterfall braids and soft, loose curls.  The classic French braids we saw in the ’90s are back.  Cute modern pixie cuts are sending women to the salon to cut their long hair short.  As featured during New York Fashion Week, we are seeing more fun and brightly-colored hair extensions and smooth ponytails.  Finally, another unexpected source for a popular look this spring comes from the Disney animated movie Frozen.  Inspired by the character Elsa, so many girls are wanting to wear their hair just like hers with a loose braid or a small side braid that goes up into a bun in back.

2013 Trends

Reveal your inner happiness with a burst of color!

trends photo 1 As seen on current celebrities, bright colors are everywhere. KidSnips can add just the right splash of color to your look. We have it all—colored hair extensions, temporary color sprays and hair chalking that can provide a temporary look for any sporting event, Crazy hair day at school or camp …any day. Best of all, they won’t damage your hair. We’ll gladly show you how to use these products so you can add a splash of color whenever you like. Select KidSnips are also doing a semi-permanent dip dyed effect for a longer lasting effect!

Braids are Big!

If the Hunger Games has got you hungry for the Katniss braid, come to KidSnips for a look that’ll give you the edge. Braids shaped like headbands, hearts, ropes, chains, fishtails Dutch style, classic French braids, or basics, we can do any braid, any direction, any style. And if you’d like to learn to braid yourself, you can sign up for a one-on-one session with your stylist or watch for an upcoming class.

Got swagger?

trends-photo-2-260x300Today’s styles are reminiscent of retro looks. They have transcended to a more sassy flare with today’s polish and shine. Stick straight hair step aside. A softer, more natural look pairs the fabulous looks of the ‘70s combined with beachy waves, chignons, side-swept ponytails and side-parted styles. Whether you are getting ready for an elegant evening out or a backyard BBQ, let your style make a statement.

For guys, it’s all about clean, tapered necklines with tight, tapered sides and longer tops. It’s time to transition from the “Bieber swirlover” to an evenly balanced design line. So, whether you’re going for a Rockabilly look like Robin Thicke, Faux hawk like Adam Levine, Classic slicked style like Zac Efron or spiked and smooth like Ryan Seacrest, KidSnips can deliver a look that’s confident and cool.

2012 Trends

Add some Flair to your Hair!

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Salena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff and Steven Tyler—even your next door neighbors—are wearing this season’s “it” accessory … hair extensions!

Why? Because extensions are a budget-friendly way to dress up your hair and are a fun, flirty and non-permanent alternative to highlights. Unleash your wild side with bold, sassy colors such as shimmering purple, cobalt blue, bright orange or hot pink. Or accentuate your beauty with natural, lock-complementing browns, golds and reds. Choose from natural-looking colored hair extensions, fun feather extensions and sparkly tinsel. There’s a color and style for everyone.

But hurry … due to skyrocketing popularity, extensions are in short supply.*

Schedule an appointment with a KidSnips stylist today before these feathers take flight.